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We are A.F.C. Union


Announcing Our New Name

A.F.C. Union


OUR NAME - A.F.C. Union

A - Association is a reflection of the partnership between Racine Area Soccer Association (RASA) and Kenosha Area Soccer League (KASL), that have agreed to put the development of soccer in the region on a new path of stability, opportunity and success. Both organizations have been operating for over 40 years, providing opportunities to tens of thousands of players. If you are from Racine or Kenosha and played soccer, you played for RASA or KASL. While not merged, this level of collaboration and cooperation is unprecedented.

FC - Football Club is in recognition that the game is bigger than us. This is the world’s game with a history that few sports can rival. We are a small part but have a big opportunity to make our own history for our members, our communities and our region.

UNION - Union defines what we are. There has been a tremendous amount of cooperation and respect built between Kenosha Crew and Racine United over the years, which has created a great period of stability in each soccer community. It is upon this foundation that we come together. Like all great unions, we come as equals with different individual strengths and weaknesses but a desire and willingness to use our separate strengths to support and help us grow.

We Are Union!


For this historic endeavor, along with the name, we created a badge that recognizes the contributions of each organization and tells the story, the history and points to the future.

The upper banner displays the “AFC” for Association Football Club. Two corners connect the shield to the “AFC” banner with the upper left corner of the shield representing the Racine community & RASA and the upper right represents the Kenosha community & KASL.

The soccer ball is what connects all of us together and is positioned to link Racine United, Kenosha Crew, both communities, RASA and KASL.

The shield incorporates the iconic lighthouse and the Kenosha Crew star. Throughout history, on both land and sea, travelers have relied on these to provide direction and guidance on their journey, using them to get to their destination. Individually representing each club, together they show a pathway for players and families to follow, merging into the colors of the new Club; Navy and Red. The shield comes to a point directing all of us to that new club.

The 2018 is the year of our creation.

CLICK HERE for more information on the AFC Union story, the AFC Union Mission & Vision.




Kenosha Crew is now part of AFC Union. This website is no longer active.

Please visit us at www.AFCUnion.com for information regarding AFC Union and our programs. 

Thank you!


posted 05/01/2019